Kickstand Productions Presents


Longface, OOPS, Daymaker

Sunday, June 4th, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:30 pm


Chicago, IL

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 17 and over

Baked is a 5-piece psych / indie rock band from Brooklyn consisting of R.J. Gordon (vocals, guitar), Davey Jones (guitar), Jeremy Aquilino (bass guitar, vocals), Isabella Mingione (snyth, vocals) and Yoni David (drums). Founding members play in both Leapling and Lost Boy ? Baked was born in 2012 shortly after members of the band opened Big Snow Buffalo Lodge. ​

Baked released their self titled EP in July of 2013. The EP was re-released by Forged Artifacts in March of 2014. Their debut LP, Debt, was released August 19, 2014 on Exploding in Sound Records.
The band is currently finishing its debut recording; a 5-song E.P. that chronicles the adult years of its central character, Longface. After leaving his home on the farm, Longface travels north in pursuit of his progressive ideals and the exciting unknown where he starts a band in the album opener, "Scalawag." After years of gigging and urban existence, Longface meets his muse and soon to be lover, Agnes Pachoulia Earheart, namesake of the album's second track "Pachoulia." The duo get pregnant, the life-changing nature of which causes Longface to begrudgingly quit his band and return to the farm that he spent so much time trying to escape. The third track, "Carpetbaggers," chronicles Longface and Pachoulia's return south, and expresses the emotional turmoil and existential mediocrity that begins to weigh all too heavily on Longface’s heart. Feeling trapped inside of his life, "The Pit of Never Ending" recounts the substance abuse and psychological malaise that brings him to his breaking point. In "Spring Bottom Belly," the album closer, Longface faces himself—a catalyzing experience relayed through his confrontation with a wooden bird inside of the cuckoo clock of his boyhood home.
Oops (Born Tyrone Jenkins August, 22nd 1990 in West Oakland, Ca) started his career at the age of 11. Being influence by a large list of celebrity idols, his father who is also an artist and his best friend/cousin/brother whom we most likely know as Beejus, of "FreeSpirit" who is also also an artist as well, listening to other local music entertainers, Oops separates his style in various ways and creates different styles of music, showing off his versatility. Oops is different from your typical, traditional local rapper, he doesn't only rap and produce, he can sing (Melodically) he can write songs, he can draw portraits, he can graphic design and he can cut hair and all of it is just a hobby to him, he says he learned almost everything himself. He has multiple/unlimited amounts of talent. Oops started producing/making beats at the age 11, on a desktop computer, that was strictly used for homework and searching household information.

Oops was a troubled child as a kid, he was always on punishment, so to make punishment fun he downloaded something called FL Studio to just play around with and ended up liking what he was creating. Oops learned how to make beats on a Field trip that he snuck to after being suspended from school, where he met Goapele (A local R&B and Soul Singer) and her brother. While on the field trip, he was taught how to make beats the right way, after that day, nothing was the same, he then started making producing his main focus and stumbled across rapping but never took it serious, up until he turned 14 years old.

Oops grew up in the West side of Oakland but lived in the East s
side of Oakland, in the 90's, while growing up he started witnessing the drug dealing, the struggle and the hardship of the streets, so he decided to write about everything that he saw and been through and inserted it into his lyrics and poems. Instead of being your typical, rugged rapper, Oops decided to create positive music or as some would say, conscious music, rapping about ways to change his community, how to make situations better, telling his testimony/story or even the lifestyles of people like himself, similar to Talib Kwali, Mos Def, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Drake or King Los but, mixing his own style into it.

Oops is part of a group or movement called "FreeSpirit" a mindset that is taking over the music scene slowly, but surely. At the age 17, Oops and Beejus planned to debut Oops when he turned 21, publicly. That's why 21 plays a part of everything he does, from his social media names, to his passwords and even being his favorite number.
Now, Oops is working on many different projects including his own, producing and rapping. You will definitely be seeing and hearing more of this guy.
Dina Moore: Drums and Vocals

Eric Newmiller: Bass, Noise, Grounding Force

Egon Schiele: Painter? Guitar, Vocals, Dance Instructeur

Erin Delaney: Vocals, Poetry, Confidence Booster (Vitamin Water?)
Venue Information:
2011 W. North Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60647