Post Child

Kickstand Productions Presents

Post Child

Drones, Double Feature, Fuck You, Idiot, Acceptor

Saturday, March 25th, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:30 pm


Chicago, IL


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This event is 17 and over

Post Child
Post Child
POST CHILD plays loud pop rock tunes. We have faith in the Big Muff. And you should too.
Minneapolis pop punk
Double Feature
When Kyle and Dominick caught eyes at an all-male hot dog eating contest this summer, musical collaboration couldn't have seemed more predestined. The sultry beef-riddled mood allowed for such a match made in heaven to take form. Kyle's skills to down a dozen dogs in less than one minute caught Justin's eye as a contest judge, just as Justin's skills to play "Highway to Hell" on drums using hotdog sticks during the contest half-time show caught Kyle's eyes.

It was within weeks that the band took to the rooms of The Music Garage to emulate the classic skate-punk styles of NOFX, The Vandals and other similar bands your girlfriend pretends to like under the name Double Feature. Today, Dominick and Justin live quiet lives managing an erotic rollerblading forum in their free time while Kyle works at a prosthetic hand factory.
Fuck You, Idiot
Fuck You, Idiot
Fuck You, Idiot is Jonathan, Kate, Kyle, and Miles, and only goes by "FYI" in inter-band text messages, so don't forget. Born out of a common disdain for self-appointed scene icons in the Winter of 2013, they play straight ahead summertime pop punk jams all year round. The name is a message to all the dolts whose dumb opinions are only outweighed by their irrelevance, and the songs are for the people who still give a shit. Death to false punk! Kinda like Manowar, but not really.
Venue Information:
2011 W. North Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60647