Kickstand Productions Presents


The Gorge, Cantharone, Snow Burial

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


Chicago, IL

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 17 and over

"They might sound like your average post-rock band at first but hints of heavy metal, prog rock, and even some blues find their way into the mix.
This is of course before they crumble into noisy, stoner-metal breakdowns that leave you wondering what this sorcery was that you just witnessed."
-Midwest Action, March 2014"
The Gorge
The Gorge
Midwestern metal with a touch of prog and anger.
Cantharone is a metal band. What does that really mean? Not much. In this day and age anything is possible, and while some are skeptical as to what that truly means, Cantharone welcomes it with an open mind.

The band formed in 2010. Finding their sound as an aggressive trio, they began writing a conceptual album about a werewolf. Two years later they added a second drummer and guitar player, daring to create a bigger, more explosive sound.

In 2012, on Halloween, they released their first EP, The Hunting EP, at a house show in Saint Paul, Minnesota. In the months leading up to this event, they filmed a music video for the title track, "The Hunting" at the same house, which was also released that Halloween.

The band then hit the road, playing throughout Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. In August of 2013, they organized and put on their own music festival called Canthrammer. The festival brought together local metal and outlaw country bands in a benefit for Wounded Warriors, a local charity for veterans.

Since then the band has changed once again. After two members left they added a new bass player, one of the drummers began playing guitar, and the vocal approach has totally changed. The newly-made 4-piece metal band has been writing new material since January, and will continue to challenge the limits of metal as we know it.

Though going through many changes, Cantharone has never skipped a beat. When faced with challenges, they take them head on and create something new and exciting. They are not a band to pass up. They are an unstoppable force of metal and they are here to stay.
Snow Burial
Snow Burial
Snow Burial is a hard-hitting and dynamic metal-infused experimental rock trio from Chicago. By combining elements of several different rock and metal genres, they dedicate themselves to crafting aggressive, emotive and technical music.

Shortly after forming in late 2012 at a Shiner reunion show at Chicago's Bottom Lounge, Snow Burial self-released their inaugural e.p Oxblood Siren. Snow Burial then quickly jumped into the local Chicago music scene sharing bills with bands like War Brides, The Swan King and An Aesthetic Anaesthetic. Last winter Snow Burial recorded and self released their second e.p. Oxblood Tides. In the summer of 2014 they went on tour with The Gorge from St Louis and continue to rock the midwest scene.

Snow Burial is: Ben (guitar, vocals), Brandon (drums, vocals) and Andrew (bass, vocals).
Venue Information:
2011 W. North Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60647